天伦置业股份有限公司(本公司)系1997年在深圳证券交易所主板挂牌的上市公司(股票代码为000711)。 遵循“以人为本、追求卓越”的经营理念,经过多年的持续发展,本公司已经形成了跨领域(以房地产业和矿产资源业为主业)和跨地区(广东、广西、河南、贵州等)的良性发展格局,根据公司的战略规划,2008年开始本公司将进入持续快速的***成长周期。与企业发展相匹配,本公司已经建立并不断完善包括股权激励计划在内的有竞争力的薪酬体系,以实现“我为公司做贡献、公司发展共分享”的双赢局面。 本公司提供优厚的薪资福利待遇,同时亦提供完善的内部培训及晋升机会。 展开 公司地址:广州市天河路45号 (邮编:510060) 地图
CYBEX company profile The globally oriented company CYBEX with its strategic headquarters in Hong Kong develops and distributes safe, innovative and lifestyle-oriented products in the baby and nursery sector. The company, which is run by international experienced experts, was founded in March 2005 with the demand to establish itself as global leader of innovation and to launch products that correspond with the CYBEX S.D.F. principle of innovation (safety / design / functionality). Only a short time after its foundation, CYBEX has been established in the European core markets Germany, France, England, Spain, the Low Countries and the entire area of Skandinavia. In some markets, the company has already taken over the lead in the sector of child safety seats of group II/III. In total, the CYBEX distribution network already comprises 22 European countries and in 2007 it shall be expanded to the markets USA and South-East-Asia. CYBEX has the aspiration to grow within a short period of time from an expert for child safety seats to a manufacturer of an entire product series with a logically composed and large product range of baby and nursery products. CYBEX unites European engineer know-how, modern product design and creative functionality. The CYBEX vision is being shaped by the thought to unite the best human, intercultural talents and abilities worldwide and to concentrate on the own core values and competences, global marketing and international networking. Only shortly after its launch onto the market in 2005, the CYBEX Solution child safety seat achieved numerous awards and outstanding results in the most important European tests. The "Kind & Jugend Innovation Award"which is awarded at the very important "Kind & Jugend"child and nursery fair in Cologne, the title"orbildlich"(German for "examplary" in the crash test of the German car magazine AUTOBILD and the title "Empfehlenswert" (German for "recommendable" with the highest ranking in the current crash test of the German car magazine AUTOZEITUNG speak for CYBEX products and their quality. As fast growing production in China, now we would like to invite professional to join our China office, interested parties please e-mail your resume both in English & Chinese with expected salary & on board date. 展开 公司官网:http://www.cybex-online.com

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